Early Stage future tech tree (1)未來科技樹

In this series of article, I am going to give you guys a brief idea of what we might get from future update. Each article will introduce 10 tanks from this future tech tree, have fun:)

This Armored warfare tech tree is possible to become the ultimate tech tree in the future which the info is from


Please check out his website!!!

Please aware this is not official announcement of future tech tree and adding SPAAG vehicle in the game is not what developer want in the future, so they might change the tech tree dramatically in the future. But we still could review this tech tree as reference.

(Please forgive my bad English, Thank you!)



Part of the early stage future tech tree

  1. Charioteer(FV4101 Medium Tank) (Tier 2 Premium)

This is basically an Cromwell with 20 pounder canon on it, so no armor at all with high rate of fire weapons

Weapon: Ordnance QF 20 pounder

Speed: 32mph


2. Super M48 (Tier 5 Premium)

This is the upgrade version of M48A2GA2 which sales to west German. Super M48 has upgrade from 90mm to L7A3 105mm. The most important change compare to original M48 is the armor upgrade which include modular applique armor.

Weapon : L7A3 105mm

Speed: 56 km/hr


3. NKPz (Tier 8 Premium)

NKPz MBT is planned to replace the old Centurions in Swiss Army in mid 1970. This tank is 15-30% more expensive than Leopard 2 and lost the contract. Compare to Leopard 2, it has more advance FCS and better protection at that time.

Weapon: Rheinmetall 120-mm smoothbore gun

Speed: 60-70km/hr (1400hp engine)


4. M50 ontos (Tier 5 Premium)

M50 ontos is one of the most cool/weird looking tank with 6 106mm recoilless rifle (HEAT). In 1950, US marine decide to use this tank provide fast rate of fire anti tank support.

Weapon: 6X106mm Recoilless rifle(HEAT), 3 X .50 machine gun

Speed: 48km/hr


5. Super M60 ( Tier7 Premium)

This prototype MBT is the update version of M60A3. Sadly only have 1 prototype due to lack of consumer. The major upgrade is protection.  A layer of spaced applique armor cover the turret transfer the original round turret to an angular one.

Weapon: 105 L52 M68A1(the same as M1 Abram)

Speed: 72km/hr

7. Leo C1 Mexas (Tier 5 MBT)

Everyone familiar with Leopard variant will know the famous and beautiful Leoprad C2. But C1 is also an important variant in Canadian army. It is identical to Leopard 1A3 and equipped in Canadian Army 1978

Weapon: L7 105mm canon

Speed: 65km/hr


8. Leopard C2 (Tier 6 MBT)

Lets take a look the famous C2, using the same weapon as Leopard 1A5. The primary upgrade is also the armor package with add-on heavy composite armor kits and NBC protection.

Weapon: L7A3 105mm canon

Speed: 65km/hr


9. Leo 2A4M CAN (Tier 9 MBT)

The Canadian Version of Leopard 2A4 armor with L44 120mm canon and massively upgrade the armor ( add-on composite armor kit) so it is more looks like Leoprad 2A5.

Weapon: L44 120mm smoothbore

Speed: 72 km/hr leopard_2a4m_can.jpg

10. Leopard 2A6M CAN

2A6M upgrade the weapon to 120mm L55 canon with higher accuracy at long range. Also improve the armor with composite armor of new generation,explosive reactive armor blocks and  external modular armor.

Weapon: 120mm L55 smooth bore

Speed: 68km/hr





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