最新Fireside Chat整理(爆炸性更新)

Hey all,
So today’s (EU) fireside chat was a very interesting one. I typed down everything I could (I definitely missed some bits here and there and didn’t write down stuff I didn’t think was important but there’s a lot of good info here; if you were there too and have other info, please write it here
Questions answered by Obsidian Entertainment’s Community Manager Spunky and MyCom Community manager’s Drew and CptFancyPants
Please note that a lot of this stuff is still subject to change and reflects what OE & My.com are currently thinking. Based on our own feedback and their findings, stuff could change. But a lot of the major things you’ll read here are probably going to happen.
To anyone from My.com/OE reading this, I hope I understood everything well and I’m not writing anything blatantly wrong. If this is the case, please do correct me!

Regarding Lords of War:
– Many technical issues have been identified and will be fixed, such as the loss of prestige points when leaving a team you earned points with or when said team gets disbanded.
– It is a very common request to get more maps /tiers available in rotation so you don’t have to play the same one all the time every day. Drew wasn’t very keen on saying “yes we’ll do this". I mean they want to but it is not clear cut since this will also mean the players will be spread over more things.
* Personally, I disagree with this, as if you simply reduce the map rotation to 30 mins instead of 2 hrs this would already be lots better whilst still keeping all players on one or two maps / tiers.
– Rewards will be drastically increased compared to current LoW season 0 incomes. It needs to have good rewards but will also not be so much that it’s a mode that just earns lots more than the other ones.
– Lords of War is going to get big reworks and is delayed to patch 0.19 because apparently there were a lot of things that players did not like or were plain broken. In addition, they didn’t want to release both LoW and Glops in the same patch.


LOW 基本上會在未來給予更好的獎勵,LOW會被延遲到0.19才會正式推出,因為遊戲有許多部份需要被修改,GO應該會先出來

– Regarding the (NA) population issue: As you all know, there are lots of plans for more marketing, some of which will go live when glops launches. Global Operations will give a lot of good points to the game they can use for marketing. We won’t see stuff like TV commercials, but there will be big pushes to get the game known to a bigger population.
– They are getting in a lot of new players every day on both servers, since 0.16 the population is actually going in a positive trend. (does that mean it was declining before ?)



regarding Global Operations ( Global Ops or just Glops or even GO )
– Global Operations has been in the pipeline for quite a long time. It was only announced to the general public very recently but it’s been in internal testing for a good while.

– desert crossing (the first Glops map) is 60% bigger than frontlines; the next glops map will be even 40% bigger than desert crossing. These maps will also be available (with some tweaks) in regular PvP.

Desert Crossing 第一張GO地圖是Frontline地圖的大60%,而下一張GO地圖則會再大40%(所以喜歡大地圖的玩家有福啦),這些地圖在做一些更動之後也會出現在一般PVP中
– Yes, there is only one Glops map at launch, but it is so dynamic that it should remain fun, different and interesting for a long time. More maps are already being made for it.
– voice chat is also added to the game with patch 0.18, specifically for glops so you can coordinate with your team. (obviously we’ll have the option to disable this feature too… right?)


– Patch 0.18 will also come with some form of “tank proving ground" (it has a different name, they said it but I didn’t catch it). What this will be is this: you’ll be able to click any tank in the dealer tree whether you have it or not (including premiums, everything on the tech tree – so not gift shop only things for instance) and go “test drive". This will put you in a solo map with that tank and you can drive it around and shoot some test targets.


– Shlls are actual physical models that get spawned. They aren’t simply digital dots or even worse, raytracers. They are physical models which get impacted by physics (ballistic curve and such)
– Shells can’t fly much faster than they are right now since that would mean the server doesn’t have the time to process it. This is in response to a player saying “but IRL, shells are much faster!"


– They are considering a big change to retrofits; they want to remove the necessity to unlock them on specific tanks and just have them available to everyone just like that; but they would be a lot more expensive.

(personally, I really dislike that idea, retro’s are already far too expensive! What about: retro’s are cheaper if you unlock them from a specific tank, BUT you could also buy them from let’s say the black market for a steeper price?)
– When reworking the crew skills & retro’s, they want to give actual choices and not just a couple options that no one goes for anyway. Currently there’s only a few that are actually good, the rest never gets used. Same goes for the commanders. We all know that you just go for Sabrina, Miramon or Freyja. No one in their right mind would ever use poor Holzklau.

– There will be full refunds in credits and global rep (unlocked) for vehicles when they get drastically rebalanced and/or (re)moved. Probably the same will happen for retro’s.
(can you imagine the mass loads of credits we’d get?)


– French MBT’s are quite possibly not coming this year, this is (in part) because Tank artists, designers and programmers are reworking ALL armor models from scratch atm. (not the visual models per se, but the actual armor zones), which is coming in conjunction with balance 2.0.
– Balance 2.0 is coming this year (patch 0.19 for the most part)


– The Polish / Czech TD/AFV line is planned for patch 0.20. It got a bit postponed since they are reluctant (understandably so) to implement new things in a broken system. They rather have the new system and then introduce new stuff in that; otherwise you have double work. That said, the PL/CZ TD&AFV line is actually ready to go pretty much. In addition, new commanders, retrofits etc are also being made but also postponed till after balance 2.0


– UI will also receive changes; it was asked why it is so similar to WoT, this is because people are used to the UI layout and controls and such. There’s no need to do things completely differently from what people already are accustomed to. That said, improvements will be made, the current way it is is definitely not the best it could be and they want to push the standard forward.


Okay now… a big one… you may want to sit down for this one, I know I almost fell of my chair when I heard this…

They want to remove the Draco!
I know right, … Now some of you will have big cheers now that that pesky box that stole are your damage will be removed , but it is in fact my most favorite tank. I agree it needs a nerf (in PvE), it really does; but removing it entirely…

B1 DRACO會在未來被移除,因為它特殊的定位
Ok now the following bit is how they’re currently looking to change the ‘layout’ of the TD line. I’m 100% sure I didn’t catch all this correctly, so please correct me, but this is roughly the thing:
lav 600 tier 6
M1128 stryker tier 7
centauro tier 8
Centauro 120 tier 9
Centauro II tier 10 (edit after confirmation by SS)
— okay, this is a big thing since that would mean cent120 wolf would also go to tier 9… and we’d have a tier 9 premium? Drew would doublecheck this; so Drew… we await your final confirmation on this ^.^


六階 LAV-600

七階 M1128 stryker

八階 Centauro

九階 Centauro 120

十階 Centauro II

– They want to do different things with ammo, I didn’t hear this one well, I was still recovering from the Draco bit but if I recall right, they want ammo types to be more diverse, have more ammo types and have a bigger difference between stock ammo and top ammo.


– They want to reduce the amount of premium vs regular tanks coming out. It’s even so that tanks that were actually planned to be premium will now in fact be regular tanks instead.

– They want to keep the effect skill has instead of it boiling down to prayers done to RNGesus. The example was given of two players coming face and it coming down to who got lucky on RNG and hit all their shells and who missed one.
– That said, there will be some RNG on ATGM’s (missile noise; will act as accuracy for atgms so they are not pixel accurate anymore, plus they will react slower when you move the mouse around)

– There is a survival mode coming to PvE (like a more or less limitless match in which you need to survive for as long as you can. (Survival mode, right, shocking ). This mode, as well as regular PvE will get a lot of the nice elements from Global Ops too. (like the wildcards)




– They’re looking at ways to make machine guns work and actually be of use. At least, they will add them to the model already (just cosmetic to start with).


Oh yeah lastly, more tanks are coming!!! ^.^ Just in case there was any doubt on that
(no offense to the player that asked this… But… yeah it was funny )




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