ObsidianEntertainment and My.com are proud to introduce the first preview of the newestaddition to Armored Warfare – Update0.16!
Update 0.16 focuses on fixing the most important issues ofArmored Warfare suchas the shot delay problem and game performance. We are aware of the playerfeedback regarding high tier gameplay balance – please note that more extensivebalance changes are planned for future updates, as they are dependent on theissue fixes introduced in Update 0.16 (although some partial balance changessuch as Tank Destroyer active ability overhaul are present in this update aswell).
That does notmean Update 0.16 will not be introducing any new features whatsoever. The longawaited Loot System will be implemented, as will new Sound Effects for gunfire, engines and other gameevents, but improvements to Core Gameplay are currently our primary focus.

Update 0.16 Main Features include:
0.16版本中的主要功能包括:· Major Improvements to Core Gameplay · Game Performance Improvements · New High-Tier Vehicles · Loot System · Updated Sound Effects · Three New PvE Missions · New Commendation System ·對核心遊戲玩法的主要改進·遊戲表現力的提高·新的高級車·戰利品系統·新的音效·三個新的PVE關卡·新的表彰系統 Apart from theabovementioned features, a very large number of game corrections including butnot limited to vehicle and map balance changes will be implemented as well. Weare looking forward to your feedback! 除了以上說的功能之外還有一大批包括但不僅限於車輛和地圖的平衡的遊戲修復。期待你們的反饋



A large number of core gameplay improvementsand issue fixes will be introduced to Armored Warfare. These include:
AW這次將會實裝很多遊戲玩法的修復和改進,這包括:· Shot Delay issue correction · Incorrect Turret Facing issue correction · Small Objects Slow Down Vehicles issue correction · Shot Normalization changes ·射擊延遲問題·砲塔指向問題·撞向小物體時的失速問題·射擊標準的改變 Read more aboutthese improvements in our preview. 更多詳細內容請看我們的PREVIEW(吧里搬過吧?我忘記了,如果沒有我有空再重發)

We’ve made some optimizations to reduce theoverall draw calls requested on each map. As a result, players should notice areduction in the amount of frame stuttering or “hitching" occurring -particularly on lower end systems.
我們已經對遊戲做了一些優化,減少了每張圖上的整體畫質調用,這樣來說低端配置的玩家應該就能明顯感覺到卡頓 和丟幀現象的減少。


In Update 0.16, we are introducing two newhigh-tier vehicles:
0.16版本中,實裝2個新的高級車· T-15 HIFV Tier 10 AFV (read more about this vehicle in our preview) · T-15 HIFV 10級AFV · PTL-02 Tier 8 Premium TD (read more about this vehicle in our preview) · PTL-02 8級金幣TD具體參數PTS應該有了,吧里這幾天測試帖應該就出來了,大家多關注吧PTL-02 T-15


Beginning with Update 0.16, a new Loot Systemwill reward players with Supply Crates full of awesome items to help out withprogression in all kinds of ways. Every time players participate in a match (beit PVP or PVE), they will have a chance to be rewarded with a Supply Crate.Both the chance to earn the Supply Crate and its Quality Level are stronglyinfluenced by the player’s overall performance in the match, with higherReputation scores yielding better rewards whether or not the player was on thewinning team.
0.16版本開始,會上線戰利品系統,該系統會以裝有獎勵的補給箱來獎勵玩家,用來在不同方面提高玩家的遊戲進程。玩家每次玩一局遊戲都有機會得到一個補給箱。得到補給箱的機會以及補給箱的質量主要由玩家的表現決定,也就是說每局得到比較高的經驗收益對能否得到,得到什麼樣的補給箱的影響比玩家是否在贏的隊伍中影響更大In addition,completing Daily Challenges will provide players with a reliable way to earnSupply Crates every day. In the future, new features will also award SupplyCrates. To start with, Supply Crates in 0.16 will provide players with Credits,Global Reputation, Consumables , Boosts, and Insignias. 另外完成每日任務也為玩家提供了一個比較可靠的方法來得到補給箱。未來還會有獎勵補給箱。在0.16版本中補給箱會為玩家提供綠票,全局經驗,BUFF,補給品,和徽章Read more aboutthis feature in our preview. 更多詳細信息請看PREVIEW(樓下)


Sounds in Armored Warfare have undergone ahuge revamp in Update 0.16! Every major sound system has been given new soundsand we’ve added several new distinct sound effects for gameplay systems whichpreviously lacked sufficient audio cues. As a result, players will now beimmersed in a much more atmospheric experience in Armored Warfare. Some of thenew sound systems include:
AW的音效系統在0.16中會有一個巨大的改變,所有的主要音效系統都被新的音效替換,我們還加入了幾種之前因為缺乏音頻素材而不能製作的音效。因此,玩家們將會沉浸在裝甲戰爭更為宏大的體驗中。一些新的音效系統包括:· All new sounds for each cannon caliber·不同口徑火砲的新音效· New engine sound sets (Diesel and Turbine engines) ·新的引擎音效(燃氣輪機和柴油機)· Gear changes and gearbox whine ·變速時的的變速箱音效· Unique impact sounds for High Explosive, Armor Piercing and HEAT · AP,HE,HEAT的獨特音效· Unique terrain impact sounds ·獨特的地形影響音效· Turret rotation ·砲塔的轉動音效· Ricochets ·跳彈音效· Shells whizzing by ·砲彈在身邊飛過的聲效 And more!Detailed information about the new sounds will soon be available in a separatearticle. 更多的新音效系統將會在OE接下來發的文章中提到

Operation: Zero Hour – a group of saboteurs has infiltrated the security of a prototypenuclear reactor about to come online and planted explosives within, threateningnot only the destruction of the facility, but endangering the region, and itsinhabitants, for miles around. With little time to spare and a large scaledisaster to abate, you must protect the facility, evacuate the civilianstrapped in the plant, and put a stop to the enemy’s forces in operation ZeroHour. 行動:零點 -在零點行動中一隊破壞者衝破了一個試驗型核反應堆的防禦,然後準備在反應堆中設置並引爆炸彈。這一行為不僅會威脅設施的安全,影響周圍數英里的居民安全。已經沒有時間去疏散群眾來降低威脅程度了,你必須切斷敵人的行動保住設施,保護反應堆周圍的村民生命財產安全。



Operation: Erebos – a key Cartel airfield has so far avoided discovery, hidden amongthe lush foliage of an all but forgotten island, despite the illegal shipmentsgoing to and coming the location that influence the region’s resources andeconomy. Only by the cover of darkness can you secure the site in operationErebos, where destroying this tactical point of operation means eliminating theenemy’s financial stranglehold on the region. Destroy the airfield, then exfiland make your escape before enemy reinforcements arrive! 行動:厄瑞波斯 -一個重要的CARTEL機場為了避免被敵人發現而隱蔽設置在一個遺棄小島中的樹林深處,該處機場長期為非(和諧)法(和諧)運輸,攫食周圍資源,危害周邊地區經濟安全。在厄瑞波斯行動中你必須藉助夜色的掩護,幹掉這個敵人的戰術節點。讓敵人在這一地區的經濟陷入崩潰狀態。踏平機場並在敵人增援來襲之前全身而退!


Operation: Basilisk – a power plant in jeopardy. Stolen hazardous materials. Enemieshiding in plain sight. Les Affreux have attacked a power plant that suppliesthe locals with energy, hoping to destroy the region’s largest valuable assetand convenient source of power. In operation Basilisk, it’s up to you to stopthe enemy’s attack on the nuclear power plant and take back the materials theyhave pilfered before time runs out!行動:蛇怪 -危險的發電廠,被盜的物品,暗處的敵人。LES AFFREUX(新反派?)襲擊了一處為周邊地區供電的發電廠,準備摧毀該地區最有價值的目標並掠走核反應堆中的核燃料。在蛇怪行動中,你需要在時間還沒有耗盡之前阻止敵人對反應堆的進攻,並追回被盜的核燃料!


The new Commendation system is entirely optional. When a player performs an action thatearns them reputation and credits they now also earn a visual commendation.
新的表彰系統是玩家可以自行選擇是否使用的。當玩家做出一個行動為自己贏了綠票和經驗是,就會得到一個獎勵標誌(類似於WOT,WOWS中的勳帶系統)Uniquecommendations are awarded to players for accomplishing any of the followingactions: 獨特的獎勵標誌用來獎勵玩家完成了以下行動:· Killing an Enemy (Slayer) · Assisting a Kill (Wingman) · Damaging an Enemy (Bruiser) · Assisting Damage (Facilitator) · Designated Damage (Tactician) · Spotting an Enemy (Scout) · Spotting Damage (Instigator) · Allies Hidden By Smoke Shells/Grenades (Blinder) · Destroying Enemy Modules (Saboteur) · Killing Enemy Crew (Widowmaker) · Base Capture (Infiltrator) · Base Defense (Defender) · Completing an Objective (Operative) ·殺敵(Slayer)·助攻(Wingman) ·對敵人造成傷害(Bruiser) ·協助傷害(Facilitator) ·標記傷害(Tactician)(應該是AFV標記敵人後隊友和自己對敵人造成的傷害)·點亮敵人(Scout) ·點亮傷害(Instigator) ·用煙幕彈幫助友軍隱蔽(Blinder) ·打壞敵人模塊(Saboteur) ·殺死敵人成員(Widowmaker) ·基地佔領(Infiltrator) ·基地防禦(Defender) ·完成任務(Operative) · The goal of these commendations is to provide real-time visualfeedback to players in order to notify them whenever they’ve earn some rewards.Commendations themselves do not provide additional rewards. ·這個系統的目標就是為玩家提供一個實時的視覺反饋系統,來告知玩家甚麼時候得到了什麼類型的獎勵,系統的標誌並不能提供附加獎勵 Read more aboutthis feature in our preview. 更多關於該功能的請看PREVIEW 這個吧里搬過了,大家到這裡看吧http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4602532558再次感謝野生菌的搬運Full list of changes will be available as the update nears itsrelease. We hope you will enjoy these new features and see you on thebattlefield! 全部關於0.16版本的改變清單會近期放出噠~ 希望你們會喜歡這些新功能,期待在戰場上看到你的身影


Author: Matt Festa, Lead Systems Designer
Update 0.16 of Armored Warfare will introducea major update to the Loot system that has been around in the form ofBooster inventory since 2015. This system will be expanded across futureversions with additional features and content. Update 0.16 contains four mainelements that create the core of the loot system:
0.16版本的主要升級就是戰利品系統(PMC頭子們,是時候看看自己的血統啦-.-)系統的功能和獎品未來還會完善。0.16中4個核心元素構成了戰利品系統· Supply Crates · Insignias· New Boost Functionality · Inventory UI ·補給箱· 徽章·新BUFF ·新Inventory UI(車庫的閃電標誌按鈕即是) There will also be several major improvementsto the existing Boost system that simplify and extend the feature. 同時還對現有的BUFF系統進行了簡化升級並完善了功能


Armored Warfare’s SupplyCrates are thecontainers that you will earn to receive Loot. Supply Crates come in one offive quality levels (Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum), and thequality of Loot received from a Supply Crate increases with each quality level.


While there will be multiple ways for you toearn Supply Crates from playing Armored Warfare, the most common mechanism willbe from playing PvE or PvP matches. Both the chance to earn a Supply Crate andthe quality level of Supply Crate you receive will be determined primarily byyour overall performance in the match, modified by a small amount of randomchance. Within the Loot system, performance is defined as howwell you perform in the match compared to all other individual match resultswithin the same tier and game mode. In other words, the performance metricused by the Loot system is not compared directly to other players in the samematch you just played, but instead are compared all the individual playerresults from all matches of the same tier in the same game mode. You do notneed to be on the winning team in order to be rewarded with a Supply Crate.


What this means is that your chance toreceive awesome Loot is not based on which game mode you prefer to play, but onhow well you play. Players that have a spectacular match in PvE Easy will haveas much of a chance to receive the highest quality Supply Crates as playersthat have a spectacular match in PvE Hard or in a competitive PvP match. So thesummary here is: good matches mean good Loot. However, the system’s inherentrandomness will also ensure that players of all skill levels will have accessto great Loot.
In addition to playing matches, you will alsobe able to reliably earn Supply Crates from other sources like Daily Missions,and additional sources for Supply Crates will be added in future versions ofArmored Warfare.


Insignias will provide you with another wayto increase your match rewards beyond the methods already available like theFirst Win of the Day bonus, Boosts, Premium Account time. Insignias are appliedto individual vehicles just like Consumables, and each vehicle can have fiveInsignias applied – one from each of the five types:
· Credits
· Reputation
· Global Reputation
· Commander XP
· Crew XP
These five types of Insignias are availablein each of the same five quality levels as the Supply Crates.
Insignias are managed on a new InsigniasTab that has beenadded to the existing Service Screen used for modifying your vehicle’s loadoutand crew.


The existing Boosts feature and content willbe overhauled in 0.16 to improve usability and make these user-activatedprogression bonuses available to all players through the Loot system. Theircore purpose will remain the same: Boosts are items that are activated at yourdiscretion to temporarily increase the rewards from any match that is playedwhile the Boost is active.

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Finally, there will be a minor change to the“Premium Time Boosts.” We will be consolidating all existing Premium TimeBoosts into a smaller set of Premium Time items with the same durations as theoriginals. These items will no longer be called “Boosts” and will be in aseparate category in the new Inventory interface. This will help avoidconfusion since Boosts and Premium Time items have different purposes and applytheir bonuses in different ways. Similar to the update to Boosts, no PremiumTime will be lost by players by this change.

In 0.16 and beyond, Boosts will be activatedby adding them into Boost Slots. There will be two Boost Slotsavailable to players in 0.16 – one Global Slot and one PremiumSlot. The GlobalSlot can be used at any time, while there will be a Gold cost associated withactivating a second Boost in the Premium Slot. The cost of activating a Boostin the Premium Slot will vary based on the quality of the Boost you wish touse. In future versions of Armored Warfare, there will be special events whichcan activate a third (Global) slot in addition to the two standard slots, andpossibly even events which increase the bonuses or duration of Boosts placed inthe slots. Much of our planning for the future of Boosts, Insignias, and theLoot feature in general will be based off of player feedback and our owninternal analysis of how the new Loot system is impacting the economy andindividual player progression. Our goal is to provide a system that makes acceleratedprogression and awesome rewards available to everyone in the game, but whichalso still has some premium benefits for players that want to furtheraccelerate their progression and earn the best vehicles in the game as fast asthey can.

The new Inventory screen will be the user interface that tiesall of the new Loot features together. In 0.16, the Inventory will contain allof your Supply Crates, Boosts, Insignias, Premium Time items, and Consumables.You will be able to access your Inventory from the Garage by clicking theSupply Crate icon located in the lower left corner of the screen (just abovethe vehicle bar)
新的INVENTORY界面會將用戶和新的戰利品功能聯繫在一起,INVETORY界麵包括了你的補給箱,BUFF ,徽章,高級賬號和補給品,你可以通過車庫點擊Supply Crate按鈕進入你的INVETORY界面,這個按鈕就在左邊角上第一點的位置(應該就是那個閃電標誌的按鈕)







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