開發日誌 2015.11.27
There are currently no plans to make a mobile version of Armored Warfare, but the developers are watching the player feedback on this matter with great interest
Regarding the new premium vehicles – apart from the Black Friday event currently running, the Christmas event will have special winter-themed unique camouflages and bonuses. The developers are also planning to add the option to essentially turn every tank into a premium vehicle.
關於新的金幣車 – 除了這次黑色星期五推出的特殊塗裝金幣車以外,聖誕節也會推出特色冬季主題迷彩金車和加成。我們也正在計畫加入讓每輛車可以轉成金車的功能
Object 640 “Black Eagle” is in long-term plans, it might appear in the same branch as for example the T-80BV
加入Obj 640 “黑鷹” 是一個遠程計畫,這台車也許會出現在像是T-80BV的同一條支線上

Optional spotting markers might appear as a part of the team list in battle
Developers are considering adding more classes to the game in distant future, such as the Armored Recovery Vehicles and Multiple Rocket Launchers, but these will most likely appear only after the introduction of main game features and proper balance of the existing classes
開發考慮在更長遠的未來加入更多的車種,像是救援工兵車(Armored Recovery Vehicles) 和多管火箭發射系統等等,但是這些也許可能只會在正式版推出和現有車種平衡更加完善之後才會出現
The “reload bug” will be partially fixed by the 0.11.1630 hotfix (possibly coming to EU/NA on 1.12.2015), the final fix of this issue will come in near future
砲彈填裝的bug會在0.11.1630 hotfix中部分修正,最終修正會在近期完成
Regarding the speed of updates, large updates will in the future come once per month like they do now.
更新的頻率 – 預計在未來每個月會都有一次較大的更新,就跟現在的頻率差不多
Developers are now finding solutions how to allow the players to pre-load the patches in advance
The 0.11 sound issues (especially the track screeching) are known to developers and will be solved soon
There is currently no definitive timeframe in which the garage “armor inspector” (feature allowing the players to check the armor of tanks in detail) will come as right now the developers are working on more critical tasks such as bug fixing. The feature is however most certainly planned. Currently, the players can use the new Custom Match mechanism to thoroughly test vehicle armor.
關於車庫的裝甲解密功能(讓玩家觀察戰車裝甲細節)目前還沒有確切的推出時間表,因為開發正在忙著修正其他更迫切的bug。但是這個功能一定會在將來推出。目前玩家可以利用自訂戰役(Custom Match)來測試車輛的裝甲

文章出處: Chris Mitsumori




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